Installation charges depend on the number & the size(s) of individual insect screen required. 

Price will be S$90 per sqm or (S$8.40 per sqft) per screen
* Minimum charge of S$90 per screen applies for window sizes smaller than 1 sqm

If you require a quote, kindly furnish us with the sizes of your frame preferably in centimetres (CM) or calculate an estimated cost using the examples below:-

Example 1:-

Frame size: 1.10m x 1.05m
Price with installation + material will be (1.10 x 1.05) x 90 = $105

Example 2:-

Frame size: 0.85m x 1.02m
Price with installation + material will be (0.85 x 1.02) x 90 = $79 $90 minimum charge apply

NOTE: examples are for illustrations only, final quote subject to on-site inspection & measurement. 
If you need an estimate, measure the frame & calculate using the example above

To expedite the arrangement for an on-site measurement, kindly send us a few pictures of the frame together with the sizes. You can send via Whatsapp to 83672383 or email to .

If insect screens are to be installed on grilles, make sure the grilles are up before making appointment. Make sure there are no gaps between grilles & window frame, refer to this link