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  Frequently Asked Questions

1. My window frame are aluminium, can insect screen be install?

Yes. There will be another magnetic strip with 3M adhesive provided which will be pasted on the aluminium frame.

2. Will the insect screen block wind or affect ventilation?

Ventilation will be reduced by 10 - 15% which is better than having window closed

3. Do you provide installation service & what are the charges?

Yes. Please refer to webpage here

4. I intend to install grilles, should I install on window frame or on the grilles?

We would recommend installing insect screen on the grilles. It'll be easier to install, when open / close window & when removing to wash. Please ensure there are no gaps between grilles & window where insects can still come in from. Refer to here. Applicable also to BTO.

5. Does it prevent against mosquitoes & small insects?

Hole size is about 1.5mm. Yes, it's good against small insects including moquitoes.

6. Is it difficult to install on our own (DIY)?

No, most customers choose to DIY as it's more economical. You can refer to installation video here.  Follow video closely for 1st installation. 1st attempt will usually take longer, you should have no problem from 2nd one onward.

7. My window is longer than 2.3m, what should I do?

The largest size we have is 2.3m x 1.5m. For large windows, it is recommended to always split into 2 or more screens as it'll be easier to manage. Please refer to some examples here.

8. How long can the magnetic insect screen last?

Our product can last 5 years or more depending on how it is maintained (refer to 11.). Each component of the insect screen can be replaced in the event of damage & you do not have to replace the whole insect screen.

9. Will the insect screen be able to block rain?

No, it doesn't. 

10. Can the insect screen be installed on the exterior, is it weather proof?

Yes. Our product does not rust , it is water proof & weather proof including the 3M Adhesive Tape. Insect screen can be installed on the exterior of windows if circumstances permits if windows are on ground floor, landed houses, corridor... etc

11. How often should the insect screen be cleaned?

Dust will be collected on the mesh over time & it should be washed at least once every month to remove the dust as it'll impede air ventilation. Just rinse with water / shower spray to remove the dust & dry it with a cloth (like cleaning air-con filter). Scrubbing will reduce the life span of insect screen.

12. I have a few windows to install, how much?

Different estate / area / block have different window sizes? Please send your window measurement. 
For DIY prices, please refer to here
For installation service, please refer to here

13. Will it damage my window frame?

No. There will be no nails, screws or drilling required. Insect Screen are fasten on window frame using 3M adhesive tape.
Note that all adhesive will leave a residue when removed. It can be clean off using turpentine or kerosene.

14. Can I paste magnetic strip with 3M adhesive on wall ?

It is not recommended to paste on wall as the adhesive will stick to paint which may be removed together with magnetic strip when using the screen.

15. Will the magnetic strips / clips lose it magnetic strength over time?

Yes but it will be strong enough to last for more than 5 year.