Installing Grilles for BTO / Apartment Under Renovation

If you intend to install grilles on your window, we recommend installing insect screens on grilles so that

1) It's easier to lift insect screens when opening  / closing windows
2) It's easier to remove to wash
3) It's difficult to install on window's frame with grilles blocking

Ensure that the grilles are installed on the wall or window's frame so that there are no gaps around the grilles (Examples below).

Use 3 track instead of 2 track sliding frame

Typically for casement (push-out) window, grilles are installed away from windows due to the locking handle. Ask your contractor to use a 3 track frame instead of 2 track sliding frame so that the inner track will provide allowance required by casement window (refer to image below).

The Inner track will provide allowance for casement window's handle

The inner track will provide allowance for locking handle & grilles will slide on centre & outer track.

Thereafter insect screens can be installed on grilles, you can refer to the following examples for installation on Sliding Grilles.