Install Insect Screen on Louvre Window

Due to the protruding locking handle of louvre window, we recommend installing additional PVC tube to keep insect screen away from the opening window panes & handle.

Louvre window (adjustable) 
Window panes & locking handle are protruding from frame

Insect Screen with PVC tube (A5) pasted on window frame 
PVC tube is secured to window frame with adhesive tape

What do you need.....

A5 PVC Tube at S$8 per metre. A5 Corner Joint sold separately at $5 per set (4 pieces)

Easily cut PVC tube to size with a mini saw

Adhesive tape provided on 1 side of PVC tube

Assemble PVC tube with 4 corners

Install insect screen on PVC tube

Paste PVC tube on window frame with adhesive tape (provided)

Loosen mesh & install insect screen over locking handle

Locking handle will bulge slightly from mesh

Also available are A4 PVC Tube (Depth: 28mm)

More info of A4 PVC Tube here