We have replaced the PVC clips with stainless steel clips, kindly refer to 2nd video below for installation
Installation Video
How to Install Stainless Steel Clips

Please read & follow this installation guide...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Clean window frame properly to remove any dirt or grease.

Don't just use water or alcohol
We recommend using a kitchen cleaning agent

You would need a pair of scissor.
Heavy duty scissor are recommended.

Step 1: Assemble The PVC Frame
Measure PVC on window frame & cut to size using a scissor.
Fix up the frame by connecting PVC strip to corner pieces. Slide PVC strip into corner pieces

Slide the longer PVC all the way in follow by the shorter PVC
PVC strips / frame should fit nicely into the corners & there should be no gaps.
Step 2 : Installing The Mesh
Lay mesh flat on the assembled PVC strip
Take note that inner side of the PVC strip is the inside of the PVC frame.
1. Diagonally slot magnetic clip into the inner side of the PVC strip first.

2. Then press magnetic clip down into PVC strip to fasten mesh to PVC strip
DO NOT use a hammer for this process
Cut away excess magnetic clip

Fit magnetic clip into the four sides of the insect screen in the sequence height - width - height - width to ensure that the mesh will be smooth
Check that the insect screen fit your window properly. If it doesn't, adjust the mesh by removing magnetic clip & re-fit.
Step 3 : Removing Excess Mesh
Ensure that the insect screen can fit properly on the window frame first before trimming off the excess mesh.
Step 4 : Installing on Window Frame
Paste magnetic strip with adhesive on the magnetic clip & cut to size.

Remember to clean & dry the surface to install properly before installing.
Install the insect screen to the window frame from top. Remove adhesive tape cover & paste insect screen onto window frame, starting from the top. Press hard to ensure the adhesive stick to the window frame. Do the same for the sides then the bottom.

Allow at least 24 hours for the adhesive tape to properly stick on the window frame.